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We have a listening problem! As young people have become more engaged (and absorbed) by the visual technology that surrounds them, there has been a measurable drop-off in their ability to actively listen to music, media, teachers, parents, and even each other. 

The Sound in Focus program, geared towards grades 3,4, and 5, will visit 15+ elementary schools throughout New Hampshire and provide four-day residencies that inspire students (and educators) to become mindful listeners, open their ears, and become better  communicators

Each Sound in Focus school residency will feature two distinctive parts: 

1) Three full-day visits – four one-hour 4th or 5th grade sessions, which will reinforce the concepts of mindful listening, using fun and interactive exercises that inspire students to actively listen.

2) A whole school  assembly that teaches the scientific concepts of sound, using an integrated approach in parallel with music, mindfulness, human biology, mathematics, film, and technology. 

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